Financial Management

IHN Suite’s Financial Management module is a complete, intuitive, feature-rich system designed to meet the many regulatory requirements and the varied reporting needs of long term care managers. Organized daily and end of month functions enable business office managers to easily and accurately process billing.

Financial Management Features:

  • Resident Census Driven Billing
    • Advance billing
    • Resident Statements
  • Multiple Payor Sources
    • Medicare A and B, Medicaid,
    • Private, Hospice, Commercial, Managed Care
    • Contract Rates
  • Ancillary Charge Imports
    • Therapy, Pharmacy and Medical Supplies
  • Claims Management
    • UB-04 Forms Printing
    • Electronic Submission (837I) and Remittance Advice (835)
  • Accounts Receivable Management
  • Collection module
  • Electronic claims submission/remittance advice
  • Enterprise reporting
  • GL Integration
  • HETS ability API
  • Receipts, Adjustments, Retroactive Adjustments

Census Driven Billing

Fully integrated clinical and financial census tracking system. Allows the user to track all census activity along with Medicare Days used, hospital stay information, RUG levels and MDS schedule. Billing engine logically determines the correct payor to bill based on the control file configuration and resident payor list.

Ability to maintain Medicare billing codes, resident contribution history and resident demographic information.

Ancillary billing based off census activity, master file configuration and payor list setup. Ability to setup recurring charges Ability to retro-actively adjust census activity. System performs automated adjustments in the current period.

Outpatient billing capability.

Claims Management

  • Electronic 837i file creation for Medicare A/B, Medicaid and Commercial Insurances.
  • Fully editable UB04’s along with ability to create a blank UB04 form.
  • Ability to control what charge items display on claims, how to split claims based on setup parameters.
  • Claims organized based on submitted/un-submitted. Ability to fix and resubmit any rejected claims.
  • Audit checking of claims prior to submission to catch any missing file requirements.
  • Ability to print UB04’s on pre-printed form.
  • Configurable payor submission library to easily add 837 parameters for new payers.

Enterprise Reporting

  • Consolidate data
  • Compliance management
  • Custom groupings